A compact handheld corona detecting camera for indoor use. Scalar is a visible-blind camera that fits artificially lit workspaces such as high voltage laboratories and workshops. Scalar is used for non-destructive PD detection tests performed on hi/med voltage installations such as switchgear, motors, generators etc. Scalar provides clear visual information about discharges that are invisible otherwise to the human eyes.

Scalar detects invisible ultraviolet photons that result from partial discharge processes and translates them into visible blobs. Scalar uses 2 optical channels that complement each other namely, UVb in the range of 310-320 nm and visible range. The camera is equipped with an optical filter, attuned to corona peak, that filters out non corona PD light. The transmitted corona PD light is then superimposed on the discharging object, displaying a true portray of the faulty specimens. DayCor® Scalar is a compact handheld camera with a wide field of view for testing nearby objects. The camera records video clips and snapshots of the specimens storing them onto an onboard SD card. Testing results are instantaneous and pinpointed DayCor® Scalar is an excellent cost effective inspection solution.

DayCor® Scalar Datasheet

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