LC ENGINEERING SERVICES SDN BHD has been providing services in Online Condition Monitoring & Consultancy for more than 27 years since 1985 to Power & Water Utilities, Oil & Gas, Electronics & IT, and various Industries.Techniques like Infrared Thermography, Partial Discharge, Vibration Monitoring, Oil Analysis, Power Quality, etc., coupled with the Company's wide experience have been used effectively to provide the quality service expected. In Industry's attempts to manage their physical assets, Condition Monitoring is one of the most important activity to put into practice and monitor to achieve the required results.

In line with the Government’s policy, the Company has Bumiputra participation and is registered with Kementerian Kewangan (Ministry of Finance) and Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor, and Tenaga National Berhad to actively participate in Tenders, thereby contributing to the technology.