IRIS Partial Discharge

Partial Discharge (PD) are small sparks that occur as the stator winding insulation deteriorates. By measuring PD, one can plan what to do for maintenance or repair a stator.

Seminar Objective

  • To understand the basics of stator winding insulation systems and why they deteriorate
  • To understand basic PD Theory
  • To understand how PD measuring devices work
  • To interpret the test data collected and relate the data to specific failure mechanisms, to enable you to plan maintenance

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for engineering and maintenance personnel who either purchase , install , test, maintain and/or repair motors and/or generators. Consultants, manufacturers and repair shop personnel will also benefits from this course. The course mainly intended for those involved with motors or generators rated 3 kV and above, and who have some knowledge in  PD or had some experience with collecting and analyzing PD data