Certified UViGrapher

UViGraphers are skilled corona-camera users, involved with predictive maintenance tasks, provide meaningful reports, and make competent use of their elaborated costly equipment.

Qualified UViGraphers are valuable both to utilities that practice already UV inspection and to companies that consider adopting this technology because of their awareness and alert to hidden fatal signals. The corona inspection institute – CITI – is the only training center that encompasses all corona inspection aspects.

Subjects that are covered

  • Corona phenomenon - theoretical aspects, physics and chemistry
  • Implication, concerns, outcome
  • AC and DC
  • The concept of UV inspection
  • Corona cameras - components, design, principles, handling, using
  • UV spectral range – photoelectric and optics
  • Corona and the electrical grid – where, when, why, what
  • Corona on outdoor HV NCI, Ceramic, Glass insulators
  • UV Inspection methodology – basic and advanced aspects
  • Predictive maintenance principles and working procedures
  • How to turn raw data into quality information
  • Reports generation and recommendations