Condition Based Risk Maintenance (CBRM) / Asset Management

Over the last 12 years EA Technology has developed and implemented a process known as Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM).  The CBRM process is based on building the definition of current and future condition and performance and quantifying risk by using asset information, engineering knowledge and practical experience of the assets.  The process utilises a well developed methodology that has been successfully applied many times.  However it is important to emphasise that the process and the methodology are flexible, to enable the specific characteristics and operational context for each group of assets to be incorporated.  Indeed this is an essential requirement of the process. 

CBRM is about turning detailed engineering knowledge, experience and data into management information to support corporate decision making.

Many electricity companies are facing the challenge of managing ageing network assets in a demanding regulatory environment.  In order to continue to operate with acceptable levels of performance it will be important to manage renewal of ageing assets in an efficient and cost effective manner. A CBRM program will allow electricity companies to build on their experience and gain a full appreciation of the benefits to be realised through the application of a risk based approach.