DayCor® micROM HD

MicROM HD is the first micro HD camera with dual sensors UV & Visible, capable of detecting and imaging corona in daylight.

MicROM HD streams out videos of the inspected electrical elements revealing sources of corona and records them internally. With the embedded DayCor® technology micROM HD acts as a high sensitivity testing equipment providing reliable precise information about electrical and mechanical faults. micROM accepts external GPS and ambient condition data and integrates them with the recorded footage.

MicROM HD comes with ready to use ports for communicating with drones. Integration is easy and straight forwards. micROM is remotely controlled by a set commands that are supplied to drone operators to be configured on their remote control.  The HD imaging serves well the need for detailed clear views of remote specific grid elements.

MicROM HD is offered both as a block camera that fits well into a wide range of gimbals and as OEM camera core per individual preferences and optional customization. 

DayCor® micROM HD Datasheet

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